"We value the poetree of imperfection

by creating everyday objects in wood that silence the soul. "







Rayah Wauters (BE) founded Nauwau in 2013 together with her husband and arborist Niels Arnauts. Their goal was to collect as many locally and responsibly felled trees possible. In the meantime, DeBeer & DeVos Boomzorg, the company of her husband and two co-partners, is the main supplier of wood. Belgian trees that are no longer valuable for the landscape in which they are rooted are given a new opportunity in the studio.

In 2018, together with her sister and business partner Shana Wauters, she rethought the entire corporate philosophy to its essence.





Framing the flaws


Matter is the dominant factor in the creative process. The design of objects is kept to a minimum as the trees already have their own design language. This is respected at all times and serves as a guideline in the entire thinking process. By framing the flaws of nature and seeing them as unique design components, objects are seen as autonomous in which functionality is secondary.